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Height 170 / Weight 57 / Age 21 / Blauw eyes / Blond hair

Helen Escort Amsterdam

Our Helen can be considered the mother of all our escorts, not in terms of register, but in terms of skill and talent in creating and teaching erotic games and sexual positions. to all other Amsterdam escorts. Helen is indeed a very creative and resourceful Amsterdam escort, who, despite her young age, has already become a point of reference not only for the other girls in the agency, but also for many clients, who call asking to be able to do sex only with the Beauty Escort Amsterdam. She is a beautiful blonde angel with a delicate and sensual smile, a magnetic body and a lustful soul. Her mind is very creative and Helen always knows what to do to turn a sexual relationship into something absolutely inimitable. In fact, Helen is constantly inventing new sexual positions, new ways to have ejaculations and erotic games that you could never imagine. If you think that nothing can be invented in sex, well, we're sorry to disappoint you, because our young and blonde Amsterdam escort Helen is proof that you haven't seen anything yet. Try Helen for one night and you'll understand what we mean!

 Helen Services Escort:

Included Services:


Dinner Date

Extra Paid Services:





Erotic massage


Helen Escort Hotel Amsterdam

Helen High class Amsterdam escorts



To contact our Helen Beauty Escort Amsterdam, please call WhatsApp or use the form below.

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